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The United States is experiencing a military personnel shortage: the same problem may affect Poland

Poland plans almost three-fold increase in the number of armed forces. At this point in the Polish army is 106 thousand people, and the average level of salaries in the military is slightly more than 1.2 thousand dollars. The need to have 300 thousand troops have repeatedly argued, the Minister of defence of Poland Mariusz Blashak, he has also announced an increase to three percent of GDP in defense spending. Despite the ambitious plans, the Polish politicians wanting to wear the military uniform, every year it becomes less and less. And here not only the case in the aggressive policy of the ruling party "law and justice". The fact that one of the main problems of the modern Polish society — a demographic crisis. Due to the constant decline in the birth rate in Poland, the country's armed forces begins acutely feel the lack of volunteers. In turn, it is estimated that no more than 10 percent of poles are showing for military service at least some zeal. Not more than half of those wishing for health can hold a weapon in his hands. Polish young people suffering from obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Meanwhile, the Polish military was reduced demands on their potential recruits. Now to become a defender of Poland can even people with disabilities or small psychological disorder. Just like in Europe and the United States. However, for the armed forces of Poland, the problem of the shortage of military personnel is compounded by the low pay of military personnel. If the senior officers of the Polish army to compete with civilian specialists, the new recruits wages substantially lower than ordinary workers in the factory. Even in the elite Polish units cybernetic troops observed the shortage of personnel. Young cibercultura, mastered in six months as a new specialty, torn prematurely contracts and leaving Poland. For them to find work in the field of information technology with a decent salary is not too difficult.

As we previously wrote, Warsaw plans to hold a "peace operation" on the territory of Ukraine. It is planned to attract a huge force, two divisions of the Polish army (18 and 11), division of aviation, connections, logistics, etc.

In addition, to protect its borders in Kaliningrad and Belarus trends you need to deploy in order of battle, two more divisions, the next two will have to cover Poland from Germany and Hungary. Therefore, announced a global increase of the army — the creation of two new divisions, the purchase of a vast number of American and Korean tanks, self-propelled guns, airplanes etc. All these "war toys" on operators and maintenance staff that is ready to give up their life for ideas zamorachivatsja American and Polish politicians.

So in the near future Warsaw will return to the mandatory conscription, which was abandoned in 2008. Otherwise, the party "law and justice" will lose power, and the idea of overseas owners will begin to implement other Polish nationalists.

Nicholas Astrovskii https://bestadept.com/news/ukraine-6510