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Why one of the world’s most popular islands falls completely silent for a day kraken10 atBali, Indonesia is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. The streets tingle with the whizz of motorbikes and the happy buzz of music pouring out of local cafes.But one day a year, the entire island falls silent.This is Nyepi, Balinese New Year.Unlike many other cultures, Balinese Hindus don’t mark the new year with fireworks, parties or drinking.Instead, they observe Nyepi, or silence. For a 24-hour period starting at 6 a.m., Balinese Hindus fast, meditate, turn off the electricity and stay home with their families. Local security officers, called pecalang, patrol the streets to make sure no one goes out. There are no cars on the streets save the occasional ambulance. The whole island comes to a halt.Regardless of their personal beliefs, everyone visiting during Nyepi will be affected by the holiday. The airport and all tourist attractions are closed, and hotels do not check anyone in or out during this period.Amanda Syrowatka, owner of the Viceroy Bali, helps manage expectations for hotel guests during Nyepi. She points out that while there is one day of silence, the days leading up to Balinese New Year are very popular with visitors due to special rituals you can’t experience anywhere else.