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Genesis Market

Absolutely anything can happen in life, and each of us at least once had to deal with the acquisition of shadow goods in one way or another. Everything that cannot be freely obtained for sale can be bought on the territory of duck no, you just need to find a suitable site for this, one of which can be safely called darknet resources Genesis MarketWhat the Darknet offers usThis unique service will help you purchase fake documents in any area, here is a small list of the most popular goods:1.Debit cards. They are made according to scans of your passport. At the same time, complete with the card, you get all the necessary attributes (bank agreement, SIM, code word, active Internet banking). The whole procedure will take no more than 3 days .2. Sale of debit cards of various banks + QIWI wallets (Wholesale and Retail).3. Mobile phones with "zero" IMEI, laptops and flash drives with an encrypted operating system.4.Various documents, passports, visas, diplomas, certificates, permits, powers of attorney and other.In addition, the portal DarkNet created an open Internet platform where you can publish a request for the necessary product, or on provision of services. The buyer and seller usually communicate through a forum where everyone finds each other, discusses the details of the transaction and completes it. In addition, you can leave reviews about different sellers here.There is also a closed marketplace on the forum, which can only be accessed after you receive the password itself.Forum members have the opportunity to place advertisements on the portal In the "Advertising" section, you can familiarize yourself with the possible options for providing the service - banner sizes, location on the page and other nuances.How it worksIn order to start using all the services of the site, you just need to go through a short registration procedure.What is the job of the site? The marketplace is a kind of virtual supermarket of goods and services, where products of various sellers are provided on the same area. Each of them has its own history, reputation and rating. In many ways, the decisive role in the rating of a particular seller is played by the reviews of real buyers . Walking through a particular section, you can contact sellers, find out and clarify the nuances of the transaction and many more.Also, you can act as a seller and sell your products. Whatever it was, all ads are moderated anyway.Stability and anonymityGarant-Service acts as a controlling body on the darknet forum. the presence of a guarantor on the forum serves as a guarantee that scammers do not multiply and there are as few controversial unresolved issues as possible. The Guarantor should be respected, in case of incorrect communication with him, the transaction may simply not take place at all. The guarantor service itself is, of course, paid. Payment to the guarantor depends on the amount involved in the transaction.Do you need an exclusive product? DarkNet will help you make a purchase on the "dark" market with maximum comfort!