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Another "Alien Autopsy" Film Released & Posted on YouTubeFans of UFO and extraterrestrial related occasions, right here we go again. Recently, a video was posted on YouTube to flame speculative fires on one more "actual" alien post-mortem.Yes, one other "Alien Autopsy" here movie has been released to a public nonetheless burned over the one Fox broadcast in 1995, which was subsequently admitted a hoax. That little weird gem was Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction hosted by Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Jonathan Frakes. British video producer Ray Santilli offered doubtful explanations for his world hoax. Supposedly, the "real" footage he obtained was too badly decomposed to view, so he produced a "re-enactment." He conveniently failed to say that small detail to a worldwide viewing public.Many were divided on whether or not Santilli's film was genuine or faked. Top Hollywood particular results guru Stan Winston was featured in the program alongside along with his staff. They mentioned if it was a hoax, it was a good one. No matter your stage of inventive skill, expertise or technical genius, all of us have opinions.Take a take a look at this new video. Study it and choose for yourself. Do you think it's a hoax?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tql_sasHKGcUnlike Santilli's 1995 black amp; white grisly E.T. treat, the folks who made this slice and dice of an "alien" opted for color. It makes for a extra startling viewing experience. The word continues to be out on this one, nevertheless it's clear that if this one is a hoax as well, the technical FX work concerned is prime notch. Santilli's alien corpse dummy bore a vaguely shocked, and even terrified open mouth expression in death. Here, if hoaxers are once more at play, they've given their cosmic creation a pitiful, mournful facial expression, perhaps to illicit viewer sympathy.For the on a regular basis one who follows UFO related subjects and other people whose scholarship tries to provide answers, these movies while inspiring huge public scrutiny, most often disappoint or within the case of Ray Santilli's Alien Autopsy: Fact Or Fiction fiasco, paints a bad picture for something remotely related to the search for alien life or research of UFOs. Many UFO skeptics then point to Santilli or different hoaxes as explanation why UFO subjects should be labeled as "bunk."News of an authentic Marilyn Monroe sex tape lengthy held by the FBI bought to an nameless New York business man for 1.5 million dollars might not sound like it has something to do with UFO's or Alien Autopsies, but think about this: The authenticity of this oral sex film starring the ill-fated Hollywood legend has been confirmed. Although whispers on its existence have been around for many years, it's only now being made public. One must wonder about different movies authorities companies may posses, which can never be shared with the general public. This new alien autopsy could indeed by a hoax, however it, the actual Marilyn Monroe intercourse tape and even Santilli's hoaxing video deception offers gasoline to invest as to simply what films the American government has kept beneath wraps.The fact is certainly out there, but hoaxes and anonymous YouTube posts merely cloud our minds with distractions, whereas whatever fact remains undiscovered. Or within the case of the Marilyn Monroe sex tape - confirmed as truth after which purchased by those who can afford it.