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How to search in the darknet?

The specialized web browser "TOR" can be used for absolutely any purpose, whether it is sending emails, posting information on forums, reading articles on Trashbox, watching videos on YouTube, not to mention everything, and with all these activities, the security of your data and anonymity will not be compromised. Since the TOR browser supports opening hidden pages, hidden pages are websites located exclusively within the TOR network, the address of such a page will always end in". onion", it is impossible to track the owners and visitors of these sites. Therefore, when I try to open such a site via Safari, nothing will work, I will need to use TOR to do this. For more convenient navigation on the Dark Web, craftsmen created and placed in it such a service as" the Hidden Wiki", it contains a list of websites hidden for ordinary browsers, of various topics. There are even special versions of almost all publicly–known sites, such as Facebook, DuckDuckGo. But the Dark Web has a much darker side, and behind it all lies the most disgusting part of anonymity – illegal activity and lack of control, attracting a huge number of people using TOR, both for legitimate and illegal purposes. In 2013, the FBI managed to destroy a website that was engaged in the sale of prohibited substances, and its owner was prosecuted, but due to the features of such a network, a few hours after the incident, a different version of this website appeared and so on a spiral. And I want to note that there are many such sites, and this is a big problem. A little later, the FBI found out that the owner of the site tried to kill 6 people, using the services of hitmen in the Dark Web. The murders themselves, fortunately, were not committed. Also in this network, scammers who were engaged in the illegal sale of documents in different countries found shelter. there are cases when, instead of distributing these goods to customers, the owners simply took the money and went into the ignore, because it was not possible to track them, since money transfer operations were carried out anonymously in bitcoins. So the danger and huge risk in purchasing even legal goods, such as mobile phones, is still present. not evil onion link